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What should be done when a loved one passes away?

The majority of deaths occur either at home or in a hospital. There are certain procedures to be followed at this time.


Should the death occur at home, the first consideration is that the death must be certified. Contact the Doctor of the deceased, who will attend and leave a certificate. If that Doctor is unavailable, an emergency Doctor should attend and leave written notification. Once the family has the certification, contact us to arrange for the deceased to be taken into our care.


All matters of certification will be handled by hospital staff. The family can contact our company at any time and we will liaise with the hospital regarding bringing the deceased into our care.


If a Doctor is unavailable to issue certification (ie if the deceased has not seen a Doctor within 3 months prior to death, an accident, homicide or suicide or if the death occurs within 24hrs of a general anaesthetic) the family will need to contact the police, who will arrange for transfer of the deceased to the coroner's mortuary.

Before choosing a Funeral Director it is recommended to ring around and get some prices and a good idea of what the price includes as the price and the services included varies from Funeral Director to Funeral Director. Do not be afraid to ask for the details to be sure you can make an informed decision.

We at Bowden Family Funerals operate according to a strict code of ethics and standards, to ensure that families receive the care, dignity and respect that they deserve.

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